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12 Inverness Place, Cardiff  United Kingdom, T +44 (0)7985 545577, E

Company Devisers:

Hazel Anderson, Ellen Groves, Anne Langford, 

Ben Samuels, Tom Frankland, Adam Fuller 


Original concept by Kit Lambert and Likely Story

Writer Louise Osborn

Designer Mila Sanders

Composer Tom Elstob

Lighting Adam Cobley


A new show in development for families of all ages.


This project is supported by; Arts Council Wales and the John Thaw Foundation.

The monster under the bed is real! In this case his name is Sebastian.  Sebastian is an attention seeking lovable sock monster and is Amy's only true friend.


Amy has wished her Stepdad away and it looks like her wish has come true!  She better fix things before anyone finds out!


Join Amy and Sebastian as they travel through a strange and magical kingdom in search of Paul.   Amy battles through city streets of strange and unusual creatures, crazy shops, creepy forests and an icy tundra.  It takes all of Amy's skills, bravery and compassion to survive as she encounters scary creatures, a lonely Swamp Queen, a headless shop keeper, and the sinister character who keeps trying to trick her in to giving up her quest.


Will Amy's trusted best friend Sebastian be able to help Amy in her hour of need?  Will Amy be able to find Paul and bring him home? Will Amy ever see her bedroom again?


Join us on this epic adventure and careful what you wish for!


You can expect this modern day fairy tale to have an energetic blend of good story telling, physical theatre, humour, playful visual style, puppetry, circus, original music and supurb new writting by Louise Osborn.


The Locked Door is a magical story about self discovery, overcoming your fears, growing up and the power of a child's imagination.


The show is supported by high quality workshops and a family learning pack






Photography:  Mark Bowler


Rehearsal photography:

Greg Wohead

Rehearsal Images

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The Locked Door

IMG_7817 Likely Story Locked Door (smoke)