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"...thank you all for such a tremendous performance.  The children were enraptured, in fact I have never seen them so quiet and attentive.  Adults also praised “pea”, saying that they found it funny, delightful and nostalgic. It was a very entertaining evening leaving us all wanting more, roll on your next performance." Sue Brine, from our performance of Pea in Barry, 2010

pea - good luck seed

“We have been thrilled by Likely Story’s production.  It has gone down beautifully with audiences of all ages, proving itself to be one of those rare shows that works for everyone.” Hilary Farr, Night Out 

"Charming witty work for children by Arad Goch, Iolo, Likely Story at #ruraltouring . Mashed up stories, sideways thinking and visual play." John McGrath, National Theatre of Wales

"Really enjoyed watching a snippet of Pea by Likely Story this morning as part of an Emerge sharing - funny & charming!" Unicorn Theatre

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We invite you to join us on a daft and wonderful adventure.  Our work is playful, visually exciting and full of boundless energy.  Let us ignite your imagination.